Seeds & Sprouts

The garden has come together piecemeal over the past month. It’s not done of course; I’m planning on sowing season-appropriate plants throughout the year. But the planting is done for now. Which is a good thing since there’s no more room on the patio.I did the first round of planting–the seeds more tolerant to cooler weather–at the end of March and before I left for Myrtle Beach. Lettuce, green peppers, basil, rosemary, parsley, carrots, onions, and a myriad of flowers. Most of the flowers sprouted while I was gone; the vegetables took their sweet time and only began poking through the soil after I returned in mid-April.

I planted the second round of seeds on the first clear day after getting home. The weather looked like it would be warming up for good, so the tomato and cucumber and watermelon and

pumpkin seeds all went into potting soil. I also rearranged the entire patio so all the planters would fit in the minuscule space (also known as one of the biggest apartment patios I’ve ever seen).Now that the planting is done (for now), I have to actually remember to water them and then watch them grow.

Oh, and I need to find a salsa recipe.

Want to see more pictures of the garden? Check them out on Instagram!


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