Fresh Air & Sunshine

The weather in my corner of North Carolina has been rather rainy these past few weeks, and I hadn’t realized how much the lack of sunshine weighed me down until yesterday, when it was sunny and mid-60’s and my S.O. insisted we get out of the apartment.

I resisted at first. There was yarn in need of knitting, words in need of writing, and clothes in need of washing. Plus I hadn’t taken my anti-anxiety medication in a couple days, so the idea of venturing into public put me on edge. But I let him prod me into going out, and so we headed out with a dog, TANK, in tow.

The first dog-friendly bar was a bust; the fenced-in patio was nearly bursting at the seams with people and dogs. We brought TANK to work on her socialization, and while she did awesome and even made friends with an Australian Shepherd puppy, we decided it was too much stimulation.

The patio at the next dog-friendly bar was empty. Like tumbleweeds rolling between the picnic tables and benches empty. S.O. popped inside to get us drinks, and we spent the next hour basking in the fresh air and sunshine. TANK showed off her new-found ability to climb onto picnic tables; she occasionally took breaks to let me take a dozen pictures of her cuteness.

I did something during that hour that I haven’t done in a long time: I enjoyed the moment. Life has been one thing after another, one to-do after another. I regularly try to knock a week’s worth of items off my to do list in the four hours after work. It’s a lot, and I recognize that. But that doesn’t mean I don’t find myself disappointed by a perceived lack of productivity.

Writing is work. Blogging is work. Knitting is work. REDACTED is work. Each one requires my full attention and brain power, which works until I’m going for two weeks straight and don’t have the spoons to do more than feed the dogs and myself.

Time to recharge, to enjoy this moment happening right now, isn’t time lost. It’s necessary if I want to keep writing and blogging and being creative, and not burnout.

S.O. and I grabbed a bite to eat at a nearby restaurant. The sun had started going down by that point and the wind had picked up, making me glad that I’d brought my parka but also wishing I’d put a sweatshirt under it. Even so, we had fun. Especially TANK; she really enjoyed the fried pickles.

TANK passed out when we got home, and I nearly did the same. It was a good day.

TANK enjoying fresh air and sunshine

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