Content for Now

Today has been a good day. I cuddled with a very patient German Shepherd and herded a (mostly) tolerant mutt into my lap for a few minutes. I ordered a couple of books (which will be waiting for me in NC) and finished Brimestone by Cherie Priest (which was different but good). I’ve even scheduled my regular Monday blog posts for most of May.

Notice that there hasn’t been any writing done today. Not yet, at least. I have three “active” projects that I’m working on. Notice that I said “active” because my zombie novella needs to be revised, but there isn’t enough space in my head for it on top of the other three. Especially since the muse has been waving new ideas around like sparklers for the past week. They’re pretty shiny compared to what I’m working on.

As for what I’m working on, today and for now, I have a choose-your-own-adventure interactive story set in a world of zombies, a thriller that was supposed to be a short story but decided it wanted to be a novel (damn it), and a paranormal romance novella featuring an invisible woman. See what I mean when about not having enough room in my head for everything?

So on that note, I’m going to sign off here, check on the dogs in the kennel, and then get to work.

Over & out.

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