An Open Letter to the North Carolina GOP

Dear North Carolina GOP,

Class is gracefully bowing to the will of the people. It is keeping your chin held high when citizens express opinions that differ from yours or when election results are not in your favor. It’s a defining characteristic for any upstanding politician. Or any respectable human being.

I could go on and on about class in respect to House Bill 2, but I shouldn’t have to. Anyone with an iota of class understands that everyone deserves respect. It doesn’t matter what gender they identify as, who they love, or the color of their skin. Even if you disagree with their beliefs or how they live their lives, class is getting along and giving respect anyway. Class is also standing that they are as much your constituents as anyone else.

I am thoroughly disappointed with the lack of class shown by the North Carolina GOP over the past year. You passed HB2 in a hurried, dead of night session, and you later blamed Democrats when the legislature failed to repeal that law. Class would be admitting your stipulation that communities be able to indefinitely delay the passing of anti-discrimination laws.

Let me give you an example of what class looks like.

This past fall, a Republican campaign office was firebombed right here in North Carolina. Democrats and Republicans from around the country donated thousands of dollars to rebuild it. A great many of them probably disagreed with the views of your party, but they donated anyway. Because no one should feel targeted for their beliefs.

We may disagree. We may call each other out when we see things that aren’t right. But we still offer respect.

That is class.

I implore you–men, women, and those in-between–of the GOP to take a step back. Examine the mark you will leave on history and the people of North Carolina. It takes courage to admit that your actions will put you on the wrong side of history. And it takes class to act and change that.


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