Actions Speak Louder than Words

I doubt there’s anyone in the US of A who hasn’t heard that phrase. It simply advises (or warns) that our actions resonate with other far more than our words ever could. It’s one thing to offer help in painting a friend’s house, and it’s another thing to show up with a paintbrush in-hand.

There is no question that Donald Trump is a vile human being. Even if you disbelieve the news articles and segments on him, just take a look at his Twitter account.  He’s xenophobic, Islamophobic, misogynistic,  homophobic, and racist. He’s bragged about sexual assault, shown himself to be a terrible businessman, lied without any remorse, and bullied others both online and in-person.

He’s also the president-elect of the good o’l US of A.

Americans who voted for Trump are offended when they hear other accuse them of being bigots and racists and mysogynists just because of who they voted for. If you are an American who voted Donald Trump into the Oval Office, then I’ll admit that you very well might not be any of those things.

You might not be a racist, but you voted for a man who installed a white supremacist as his chief strategist. And the Ku Klux Klan will be holding a victory parade in Trump’s honor in North Carolina.

You might not be homophobic, but you vote for a man whose running mate believes in conversion therapy and “praying the gay away.” The vice president-elect also made it legal for businesses to discriminate against LGTBQ persons in Indiana when he signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act in 2015.

You might not be xenophobic, but you voted for a man who has called for building a wall on the border between the United States and Mexico. He also called for a large-scale deportation force and said that Mexico was sending rapists and other criminals over the border.

You might not be Islamophobic, but you voted for a man who wanted to ban all Muslims from entering the country. He bullied the parents of a fallen Muslim-American soldier after they spoke out against him.

You might not be misogynistic, but you voted for a man who has bragged about committing sexual assault in what he later called “locker room talk.” He has been accused by numerous women of assault and defended himself by attacking their looks.

I will give you that you may not be a person who believes in any of those things. I hope that you don’t. But you voted for a man who does.

The President of the United States has a monumental impact on culture. When he promotes hatred, then there are millions of Americans who feel validated. Who feel that it’s acceptable to require Muslims to register with the government and to verbally and physically assault men and women who disagree politically with them.

You voted for a man who is normalizing hatred. Him and his supporters are going to make life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness difficult–if not impossible–for millions of Americans.

Now you may not be a bad person. Maybe you volunteer at a soup kitchen or donate to Toys for Tots or bring elderly neighbors homemade cookies during the holidays. But you voted for someone who is going to make life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness difficult–if not impossible–for millions of Americans.

Donald Trump is a bad person. And you voted for him.

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