Life as it is… an update

Next week marks the end of my third month in Charlotte. It’s been quite a ride so far. I’m working full-time at an insurance company and sit in traffic far too long during my commute twice a day. I’ve been spending that time in the car listening to old episodes of DitchDiggers along with soundtracks for Broadway shows like The Addams FamilyYoung FrankensteinInto the Woods, and Legally Blonde. I often wonder what other drivers think of my singing. Not that they hear it. I hope.

My writing plugged along at a pretty steady pace before I got my current job. Part-time work is great for creativity (but not so much for the bank account) while full-time work leaves me drained at the end of my day. It’s just under eleven hours from the time I lock up my apartment in the morning until I get back in the evening. All I want to do then is binge on Netflix until bedtime. Not write. Not at all.

I’d like to carve myself a routine where I write on weekends and a couple nights a week. Maybe do a Monday-Wednesday-Saturday-Sunday kind of deal. It’d be nice to do NaNoWriMo next month, but I’m not confident I’d be able to achieve the word count every night. Or even come close.

I am happy with the writing I’ve done. There’s a short story I just finished that needs some serious work, but it’s got a solid enough skeleton that I feel could translate into multiple stories with the main character. Like the Sherlock Holmes stories, though she’s more of a nice-Jack Reacher at the moment. I’ve already got plenty of ideas to play with during the editing process.

What else? I’ve kept myself busy decorating my apartment with finds from antique and consignment shops. And Ikea, of course. Because what’s a home without Ikea furniture? Or Ikea decking. Speaking of decking, the patio is going to be a cozy little area when it’s finally done. I’ll be building a couple free-standing shelves over the next few weeks and putting plants and lawn ornaments on them. My neighbors are going to think I’m weird, but oh well.

That’s pretty much the big update on my life. I’m plugging along day by day as weeks slip through my fingers. But I like it.

How’s your fall going?


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