Book Review: World War Z by Max Brooks

86666The Zombie War invaded the lives of persons across the globe, from its very early days in China to the disastrous battle at Yonkers to the international conference at Hawaii that changed the course of the war. World War Z recounts the stories of survivors, men and women who came face-to-face with the undead enemy.

I read World War Z back when I was in college and enjoyed it immensely back then. It struck me as so real, especially after reading a book of interviews with Vietnam War veterans for a class.

It was still well-written, insightful, and altogether real as when I first read it. Like I could still imagine these accounts coming out in a book after the world suffered through a zombie apocalypse. I still found how people from different cultures reacted differently to the undead to be fascinating.

That being said, this book didn’t affect me the same way that it did when I first read it. My best guess is that I’m simply not in the right place to be enthralled by accounts of the zombie war. It felt like a couple little things added up to just grate on me.

For example, names. I understand that Max Brooks could put names to fictional people in the zombie apocalypse (like the guy who was credited with the plan to handle zombies in South Africa). But then I wanted to know the name of the U.S. President during the war, and he’s never named. Why one person and not another? It’s not a huge deal in terms of the whole book. And it didn’t bother me during my first reading. I just think this wasn’t the right book for me right now.

Overall, World War Z is definitely worth a read for fans of the zombie genre. It just didn’t work for me this read-through.


World War Z by Max Brooks is published by Three Rivers Press as a paperback, hardcover, and eBook.

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