Some of My Favorite “Writer” Movies

Hollywood seems to think that a writer’s life is full of intrigue, romance, and adventure. I’m not sure where they’re doing their research because my writing life isn’t that interesting. In fact, it’s typically just me scrolling through my Twitter feed while pretending to write.

That being said, I enjoy a good movie where the main character makes a living through the written word. These are a few of my favorite movies featuring writers.

Romancing the Stone
What’s it about?
Romance author Joan Wilder travels to Columbia when her sister is kidnapped and soon finds herself in the company of the dashing rogue, Jack T. Colton. Together the pair must deliver the ransom and save Joan’s sister.
What I like about it:
I’m a sucker for romance movies, and I have a soft spot for the 1980’s action genre (having been raised on the A-team). So the over-the-top action in the jungle of Columbia as Joan Wilder gets lost, meets Colton, and escape the bad guys is totally up my alley. Plus the opposites-attract romance is the thing of classic romance stories.

Crimson Peak

What’s it about?
Edith Cushing is an aspiring author in love with a mysterious English stranger and also with her childhood friend. After a family tragedy, Edith leaves her home and everything she knows for a house that holds many secrets.
What I like about it:
It’s a gothic romance with absolutely gorgeous sets and costumes. Like, it’s so stinking pretty. Plus there’s the added creepy factor of the ghosts (and I’m a fan of creepy over horror any day). Sure the story itself is pretty simple, but the actors make up for it.

Bag of Bones
What’s it about?

Bestselling author Mike Noonan, unable to write, retreats to a cabin at Dark Score Lake in Maine after the death of his wife. He soon finds himself embroiled in a custody battle that’s far more complicated than it seems.
What I like about it:
This movie is based on Stephen King’s book of the same name, and I devoured his books when I was in college. It blends supernatural elements into the “real world” so that the seams are barely visible. There’s also the fact that Pierce Brosnan plays Mike Noonan. While he’ll always be James Bond to me, I do enjoy seeing him in other roles.

Hemingway & Gellhorn
What’s it about?
World War II correspondent Martha Gellhorn falls hard for literary giant Ernest Hemingway during the bloodshed of the Spanish Civil War. Their romance is just as intense as war and ends because of it.
What I like about it:
My high school teachers assigned a handful of Hemingway’s books, and I enjoyed them more than a lot of the other assigned reading. So getting to see a version of him through the eyes of his second wife is fascinating, to see his good side and to see his faults. I also like how the drama of their romance plays out against the Spanish Civil War and World War II.

What are your favorite movies featuring writers? What do you like about them?



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