How to Write a Brilliant Blog Post (According to Sarah)

Step 1: Come up with a brilliant idea (typically last thing before bed) and decide not to write it down.

Step 2: Sit down the next day (or the day after) and write this brilliant blog post.

Step 3: Realize the brilliant blog post isn’t coming out as fantastic as I thought.

Step 4: Decide to scrap the brilliant blog post because it’s boring to write and will a snorefest for readers.

Step 5: Watch the weekdays tick past, and think that there’s no time to write an adequate post because of work commitments.

Step 6: Try to throw a passable post together about books only to realize I wrote a post about books recently.

Step 7: Panic.

Step 8: Write a post about writing blog posts.

Step 9: Include cute pictures of my dogs at the end.

Max, my first dog!

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