Where I Write

I’m always fascinated when writers post pictures of their writing space. Whether it’s a desk covered in big, green plants, a “writing shed” plopped in their back yard, or an empty table in the corner of Starbucks, that space is the magic area where which epic stories are fabricated.

So I decided to share where I write.

Writing Space

Those little figures sitting on the windowsill and on top of the desk are part of my ever-growing collection of Funko Pop figures. Those white pieces of paper featuring Hamilton lyrics (not that you can see them) are a pretty new addition. For my perpetually messy desk, it’s actually pretty clean at the moment. That’s not going to last long. It’s going to be covered in notebooks and legal pads and stuff-to-be-filed within a week.

What does your desk look like? If you can, share a picture in the comments or on your blog.


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