Book Review: Lustlocked by Matt Wallace

26199163Preparations for a Royal Goblin Wedding has everyone at Sin du Jour working tirelessly to deliver perfection. But perfection is impossible when there’s magic involved, and this catering event will be one for the ages.

To be completely honest, I was a bit nervous about reading Lustlocked. I loved the first Sin du Jour book (Envy of Angels) so much that I worried about expecting too much. But Lustlocked absolutely delivered.

There was so much to love. The first chapter reminded me of a scene from an 80’s action TV show like the A-team, just a whole lot more 21st century. It had all the biting, authentic dialogue and action that keeps me turning the pages.

While all of the characters are dynamic and three-dimensional, the women impressed me most. They’re strong (in the traditional ‘physical’ sense and the mental/craftiness-sense), yet they’re also allowed to be vulnerable.Plus the rest of the Sin du Jour staff treats them the same as the male employees. And without giving away the best part of the story, I will say that Nikki has become my absolutely favorite character. She’s the hero Sin du Jour needs and deserves.

I’ve already pre-ordered the next book, Pride’s Spell, which comes out in June. Even though I’m grateful new novellas are being released every few months and not every few years, that doesn’t mean I’m any less impatient for the next book.

Lustlocked and the entire Sin du Jour series is perfect for someone looking to read a funny urban fantasy.


Lustlocked by Matt Wallace is published by and is available as an eBook and in paperback.

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