Book Review: Hit by Delilah S. Dawson

Hit (Hit, #1)No one ever reads the fine print. Patsy learns this lesson when a man from Valor National Bank arrives at her front door, revealing her mother is deep in debt. He gives her a choice: let her mother die or become an indentured assassin and work off the debt. That’s not much of a choice. So Patsy is given a gun, a list of ten names, and five days to give each person the same choice she had. Can this teenager, whose only rebellious acts have been yarn-bombing, survive this ordeal?

It took me about fifty pages to really get invested in Hit and Patsy. The book jumps straight into the story with Patsy getting ready for her first kill, and that was pretty jarring for me. I wanted a bit more of a setup before reaching that point. When it comes to storytelling technique, I agree that starting there and showing how things got to there in a flashback is probably the best way to start the story. However it left me out of sorts as a reader since I didn’t have any rapport with Patsy yet and no real reason to care about her.

All that being said, I absolutely loved this book. Patsy is such a dynamic character who struggles against what she’s being forced to do. It creates a fascinating conflict, especially when she comes in contact with people from all over the economic spectrum and with different reasons for getting into debt. Plus there’s a connection between Patsy and certain people on her list that kept me intrigued the whole story. Even her romance with Wyatt was fun, and that’s saying something since I’ve struggled to find YA novels with realistic romance.

Dawson also handled the assassinations very well. They were as bloodless as anyone would expect for YA yet they packed all the necessary emotional turmoil for Patsy to be left changed after each one.

Even though Hit has sat on my bookshelf since last April, I’m glad that I waited to read it. Now I only have to wait two and a half months until the sequel.

Hit is a YA novel that would be great for readers interested in dystopias and thrillers.


Hit by Delilah S. Dawson is published by Simon Pulse as a hardcover, paperback, and eBook.


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