Winter Storm Jonas

Winter Storm Jonas slammed into the eastern coast of the United States last weekend. While places like Washington, D.C., Baltimore, and Philadelphia were buried underneath feet of snow, my hometown south of Boston got just under 7-inches. The eighteen hour storm might have dumped all that much snow on us (especially compared to the three weeks of blizzards last year), but it was gorgeous.

I have two favorite parts of snow storms: during and just afterwards. During a storm, the whole world turns blue-gray. Clouds close in on the ground and fill the space between trees. Snowflakes blast through the air, perfect for catching on my tongue.

Storm Collage

Then there’s just after a storm. Clouds hover above the trees for an hour or so before they all but disappear. The sky is a blue that Crayola could only dream of reproducing, and the sun brings out the pure whiteness of the snow. Branches still have their sleeves of snow.

I just missed Jonas’s “After” by a couple of hours. But that didn’t stop me from taking the dogs onto the deck before it was shoveled for a bit of playtime.

Snow dogs

If you’re on the East Coast and braved Jonas, I hope you stayed safe and enjoyed the snow!


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