Keeping Track of Accepted and Published Writing

I don’t know how much of the stuff that I’ve submitted to my regular freelance writing jobs has been published. This is bad. Not catastrophic, but it’s kind of like I’ve let my written children wander off to their friends’ house and never checked on those who didn’t make it there.

So now I’m updating my “Writing Inventory” spreadsheet to reflect that information. Here’s a screenshot of my spreadsheet:

Writing Tracker

It includes basic information like title, publication, and type of submission. Since I usually don’t know the permanent title until after something is published, quite a few “titles” are temporary.

All three date columns are important because they let me know not only when the publication accepted my work, but also how long after that it’s published and when I’m paid. *Knocks on wood* I’ve been lucky enough to work with companies that pay promptly and on a regular schedule. However if a publisher/company didn’t pay me on time, then I’d be able to look back and confirm the dates.

Those last columns are for whenever something is reprinted at a site other than the primary publication. Sometimes I know that it’s going to happen (such as with newspaper articles) while other times I happen to stumble across them (like Gizmodo).

My goal is to update this spreadsheet every time my stuff, freelance or not, is accepted. So I should theoretically be doing that at least twice a week based on my current schedule. Maybe over the summer I’ll do an update/revisit just to see how this is working.

How do you keep track of your writing once it’s been accepted? What works best for you?

2 thoughts on “Keeping Track of Accepted and Published Writing

    • sestone519 says:

      Thanks! Different things work for different people. The important thing is keeping track of things. (I have a notebook tracking short story submissions somewhere in my house, though I couldn’t tell you where. At least I can’t lose my computer.)


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