My Favorite Pictures of 2015

My iPhone and I called a truce for the moment. It has been saying that there’s not enough memory for my pictures, music, and apps while also demanding more space for software updates. I’ve argued that the 16 GB of space advertised by Apple should be just for my stuff. There should be other memory reserved updates. Needless to say, I’m fighting a losing battle.

So I recently went through the pictures on my phone to delete anything less than memorable, and I decided to compile my favorites from the last year. There’re far more pictures of my dogs than I remember taking (a lot of which are adorable). Plus I discovered a few non-dog ones as well.

Sam and Grace Collage 2

Sam Grace Collage 1

Setting collage

Someone famous once said that a picture’s worth a thousand words. I’m not sure how much these are worth, but I know what they do for me. It’s like I’m transported back into those moments: walking through a foggy and rainy Boston, playing fetch with Sampson in the snow, and taking Grace home from a day out on the town.

I plan on making a whole lot more memories in 2016 and taking just as many pictures.

Do you have a favorite picture (or pictures) from 2015? Share it or a link in the comments.


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