Book Review: Revision by Andrea Phillips

24798874Mira thought she was just getting even with her ex-boyfriend, Benji, when she changes his page on the Wikipedia-style website known as Verity. However hours after tweaking his page to say that they’ve become engaged, she wakes up to find Benji in her apartment with an engagement ring. Then Verity co-founder Chandra appears on Mira’s doorstep with the absurd claim that Verity can nudge certain events into reality. Like making ex-boyfriends propose. But Chandra says the people behind Verity–even Benji–can’t be trusted with that kind of power.

It took about 60 pages before I started liking this book. Mira and I just didn’t get off on the right foot at the beginning, and that’s because I couldn’t understand why she likes Benji. He never gives her the time of day, doesn’t seem to have any common interests, and doesn’t run in the same social circles. Plus Mira feels wishy-washy about their relationship herself. If there’d been a reason (any reason) for me as the reader to better understand the attraction, I think that would’ve enhanced their relationship and the story.

Other than the relationship between Mira and Benji, I really liked Revision. I thought that because I understood the premise, I’d be able to figure out the ending. But I didn’t see it (or the complications) coming. The tension also kept me on my toes for the last sixty pages to the point where I simply sat down and read it straight through to the end.

I’d also like to dwell on Mira and Chandra for a moment. Mira’s a trust-fund baby scraping-by as a barista, and Chandra’s an IT whiz. They struck me as pretty realistic and not-typical-female-characters. It’s somewhat uncommon in fiction to see a female trust-fund baby buck her family’s desires; almost as uncommon as seeing a mysterious female IT whiz on the run (there are plenty of male versions out there). Plus their relationship had realistic ups and downs. Overall, they were pretty great characters.

Revision would be great for a reader interested in a novel that features a creepy science fiction bend.


Revision by Andrea Phillips is published by Fireside Fiction as an eBook and in paperback.

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