Book Review: Operation Cinderella by Hope Tarr

Warning: This review contains spoilers for Operation Cinderella by Hope Tarr

Macie Graham will do anything for a juicy story, including posing as a maid and nanny to get close to conservative radio personality Ross Mannon.  Ross dropped onto her radar after trashing her article about teen sex on his radio show, and Macie wants to return the favor by publishing all his dirty laundry for the world to see.

Ross Mannon wants nothing more than to reconnect with his fifteen year old daughter. He sees the best way to achieving that goal as hiring a woman who shares his old fashioned values to keep an eye on his daughter. But neither he nor Macie expected to fall head over heels in love. Can their fairy tale relationship survive Macie’s lies?

The premise of a liberal magazine editor falling for a conservative radio personality initially drew me to this book, and I really enjoyed the story up until the end. The personalities, despite being opposites, meshed well. Plus the inclusion of Ross’s fifteen year old daughter as a complication was pretty fun.

Operation Cinderella started to fall apart for me near the end. In every romance novel/novella, there’s a “format” for happily ever after endings where the love interests are betrayed by one another and then their love overcomes that betrayal. It seemed like the author glossed over why Ross decided to forgive Macie for intending to destroy his life and sending private information back to her magazine. Yes, she held back his dirty secret and didn’t write an article. But she did send in information about a pornography addiction (that turned out not to be true) that was published by her magazine (though the article was later taken offline). I would’ve like to have seen how Ross rationalized proposing to Macie after learning those things.

Probably the biggest missed opportunity to show growth in Ross was Macie’s magazine article on teen sex. The article caused a huge divide between Ross and his daughter, and it ultimately caused Macie to initiate what she called Operation Cinderella. I don’t think Ross ever realized that Macie wrote that article. That would’ve been a heck of an opportunity to show this conservative man grappling with Macie’s liberalness.

Overall, the writing in Operation Cinderella was fantastic and the characters worked really well. I just wish the author hadn’t rushed through the ending.

Operation Cinderella would be a great read for someone interested in a contemporary romance.


Operation Cinderella  by Hope Tar is available as an eBook from Entangled Publishing.

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