NaNoWriMo Progress, Week 4 (And Wrap Up)

NaNoWriMo LogoNational Novel Writing Month 2015 is officially over. I didn’t hit 50,000 words, though I didn’t expect to reach that goal. Neither did I meet my 30,000 word goal. That’s okay, though. The 11,000 words I wrote in the month are 11,000 more words than I had written for this story on October 31st.

The plan going forward is to keep working on Bay View Outbreak until it’s finished. Hopefully that’ll be before the end of the year, and I can start editing it by the end of January.

Here’s how the last week of NaNo went:

How many words did you write this week? 707
What’s your biggest accomplishment this week? Since I didn’t get all that much writing done, I think the biggest accomplishment is that I’ve written at all. A few hundred words is a whole lot better than no words.
Do you have a favorite scene so far?  I still really like the exposition about my main character’s fear of darkness.
Do you have a scene that didn’t quite meet your expectations? I mean, there are quite a few scenes that are going to need extensive revision when the time comes. So many that I can’t pinpoint one off the top of my head.
Are you sticking to your outline? I am, and I have an inkling that this project is going to come in closer to 20,000 words.
What’s your writing routine? Routine?
Total NaNoWriMo Word Count So Far: 11,018
Words to Goal: 18,982
Days Remaining: 0

How was your NaNo? What did you accomplish?

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