On “Crimson Peak”

Warning: The following post contains spoilers for Crimson Peak.

I’m a sucker for a certain breed of scary movies. Psychological horrors, ghost stories, and even zombie outbreaks. But I’m not a fan of gore, so I tend to stay away from contemporary horror movies. No Saw or Hostel for me, thank you. I rather liked the first Paranormal Activity since it’s pretty terrifying without showing anyone get disemboweled.

So when I first saw the trailer for Crimson Peak, I was cautiously interested. The trailer looked fantastic, but an “R” rating made me hesitant. I decided to see it anyway.

Crimson Peak is rated “R” for three instances of gore, a single sex scene, and a bit of language. None of the gore seemed excessive, and it played a legitimate role in the plot. No blood and guts justfor the sake of shocking the audience. As for the sex scene, let’s just say that it was milder than anything paid cable channels like HBO, Showtime, and Starz air.

the commercials and the trailer, I kept expecting Crimson Peak to have a supernatural reason for Thomas and Lucille Sharpe luring Edith to England. Like they were immortal and needed Edith to keep living whether by her blood or something else (Lucille’s obsession with tea seemed a pretty good indicator of this idea). Or that Edith’s ability to see ghosts would prove to be significant to the plot. However the entire ghost aspect turned out to just be a subplot.

But the story ended up being pretty normal. Thomas and Lucille courted young, wealthy women without any family. Once the Sharpes had the women transfer their money to them, they killed her and moved onto the next. Thomas never falls in love with any of the women as he’s in a romantic relationship with his sister. That’s until he meets Edith and has second thoughts about going through with the plan to kill her.

The ghosts at Allerdale Hall, and the ghost of Edith’s mother, are actually just terrifying messengers. And let me tell you, terrifying barely begins to define them. Here’s a promotional image to give you an idea:

The best I can figure about their appearance, the ghosts’ decay much the way a human body would after death.
It certainly makes them nightmare-inducing.

I loved the aesthetic in this movie. Everything was just so pretty, from Allerdale Hall (inside & out) to the costumes. It nailed the elegant Gothic vibe, and I’d pack up and move in tomorrow if I could. I’d also love to wear the different outfits. They looked like they’d be perfect for a cold fall or winter night.

Despite the rather boring plot, the actors managed to make this an enthralling film to watch. Mia Wasikowska, Tom Hiddleston, and Jessica Chastain were all fantastic. They created complex, realistic characters who amped the creepy level up to ten. The nuances in their performances made me want to buy this movie when itcomes out on DVD to see what I can pick up them up.

I’d definitely suggest checking out Crimson Peak if you like your scary movies to be creepy and Gothic. Just be warned that the plot leaves a lot to be desired. I know that I’ll be keeping an eye out for it when the DVD is released.




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