From Boston to Charlotte

Perhaps the biggest life change on the horizon for me is a move. Not a little move, mind you. I’ll be moving from my hometown near Boston to Charlotte, North Carolina. It’s a big move that I’ve wanted to make pretty much ever since I moved back home after graduating from college.

I’ve been chronicling everything so far, from a trip to check out apartments to a rough timeline for the move, over on the blog Boston to Charlotte. That’s not to say the blog will only be about the relocation. It’ll have posts covering my adventures before and afterwards. I’m already planning trips to Atlanta (Walker Stalker Con & Dragon Con), Charleston &Savannah (for the history), and even to Asheville (Biltmore Estates). Plus I’m not just going to be twiddling my thumbs between now and then.

So if you’re curious about what’s going on in my life outside of writing, check out the blog on the other side of that link. Do you have any big life changes coming up? Have you gone through any big changes recently?

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