Tuning in: 7 Shows I’ll Be Watching This Fall

Apart from a handful of TV staples, I tend not to get too excited about new shows or new seasons in the fall. There’s The Big Bang Theory, but that’s really it. However Hollywood apparently decided to change my mind this year by coming out with six shows (plus one new season) that I’m looking forward to watching.

My television taste varies depending on my mood (as it does for everyone), so there’s a wide variety of shows in this list. But what I’m looking for is a TV show featuring interesting characters getting into sticky situations. I’ll stick with shows for compelling plots even if the characters are cardboard cutouts (looking at you, Fear the Walking Dead). There’s got to be one or the other, though. I stopped watching Sleepy Hollow and Once Upon a Time for that exact reason. So I’m hoping these shows live up to the promise of their trailers.

1. Rosewood ~ Follows a forensic pathologist and a detective in Miami
The first episode aired last Wednesday (9/23), and Rosewood struck me as a solid detective show. What stood out (apart from an incredibly diverse cast) was the main character. Rosewood is a sassy character who knows his stuff and has no reservations about putting himself directly into a police investigation. I’m hoping the detective’s personality develops to compete with him.

2. Scream Queens ~ Serial killer mystery at a sorority
Even though this premiered already, I’m planning on watching the first episode onDemand this week. This show reminds me a whole lot of MTV’s Scream from this summer. The slasher genre doesn’t typically catch my attention (as I’m not too into blood and gore), but Scream Queens features actresses Emma Roberts, Niecy Nash, and Jamie Lee Curtis. I’m such a huge fan of Nash that I figured I’d give it a go.

3. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend ~ A young woman follows her ex to California
While I don’t typically watch shows on the CW, but the trailer for this show caught my attention. It’s a musical where the main character tries (and appears to fail) to get her ex boyfriend back. It’s the appearance of big production numbers that makes me want to tune in.

4. Supergirl ~ The adventures of Supergirl
Superhero shows seem to be the big thing on TV these days with The Flash and Daredevil on the CW. Supergirl stands out because of a female main character. From the trailer, it seems like Supergirl isn’t shy about her power or her ability to change the world. I’m especially excited to see how the writers handle her relationship with Superman since she almost appears to start in his shadow.

5. Ash VS. Evil Dead ~ Follows Ash from the Evil Dead movies during a Deadlite plague
I haven’t seen any of the Evil Dead movies, and that fact probably isn’t going to change by the time I see this show. It’s on my list because I’m on a zombie kick from Fear the Walking Dead and I won’t be up to date with The Walking Dead for season 6. Plus there isn’t much incentive for me to watch anything horror-related that’s not a parody. Fear is already inspiring enough nightmares.

6. Into the Badlands ~ An assassin in a world without guns
So I’m not exactly sure what this show is about. All I do know is that when the commercial came onto AMC that I nearly bounced up and down in my seat from excitement. It promises sword fighting, assassins, and a feudal-like system. Yet it’s modern enough that the main character uses a motorcycle.

7. Getting On ~ Nurses and doctors care for patients at a geriatric unit
I watched the past two season of Getting On when HBO featured them onDemand, and I can’t get enough. It’s a comedy despite (because of?) the setting while also showcasing a number of touching moments. Niecy Nash is fantastic in her role as Nurse Didi. Plus Laurie Metcalf and Alex Borstein play against each other fabulously.

Are there any shows you’re looking forward to this fall? What are they?

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