Walker Stalker Con ~ Boston

The Walking Dead came to Boston on August 22nd and 23rd, and I was there for the zombie invasion. Well, it wasn’t actually an invasion. More of a zombie trickle of
a zombie clown, a lifelike puppet, and a few professional haunted house actors.

Walker Stalker Con was one heck of a learning experience. The last convention I attended was way back in 2006, and I went with a group of people rather than by myself. This time it was just me wandering through the vendor areas, watching panels, and standing in line to meet celebrities. And I think that may have made all the difference.

My haul

My haul from Walker Stalker Con Boston


I grossly underestimated how much I would spend. While I only visited one celebrity, I bought a whole lot of stuff. Hats, Funko Pop figurines, clothes, etc. I planned on buying a few things; I just didn’t realize how many other items would catch my eye. I’ll certainly budget better next time as I’m hoping to visit at least one of the big stars from the show (who are expensive to meet).

And even though I didn’t get to attend all the panels I planned on seeing, I made it to the last panel on Sunday afternoon. ZOMBIES: MIND, BODY, AND SOCIETY featured a doctor from the Harvard Medical School, a former medical examiner for Massachusetts, and a professor of international relations at Tufts University. It was a fantastic research opportunity for me as I’m planning on writing a zombie novel in the next couple of months.

The panelists discussed their pet peeves in the zombie genre, like how none of the characters recognize zombies from pop culture and how society often collapses too easily during the zombie apocalypse. Conversation also moved to how countries might react and how the zombie infection could spread from person to person.

Ultimately, I’m glad that I went to the convention, and I’m already planning on heading to the Atlanta Walker Stalker Con next fall.

Have you been to any conventions? What was your experience like?photo 2 (8)

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