Covers for Self-Published Books

Over the past year or so, I’ve warmed up to the idea of self-publishing a novel or a series of novellas at some point in my career. I don’t have anything right now that I’m confident enough in to publish, but I’ve spent way too much time procrastinating by browsing eBook cover design services. The two websites I’ve found so far are eBook Launch and Self Pub Book Covers.

Self Pub Books Covers is an inexpensive service where writers choose from premade book covers The positive is that prices start as low as $69 for an original cover that will be removed from circulation once its purchased. After browsing through the different categories, I have to say that the designs strike me as being noticeably PhotoShopped. A lot of covers look like multiple images were thrown together without much thought to cohesion. I’m not quite sure how well I’d be able to match a story with one of these covers

eBook Launch is a bit more pricey, but it offers three options of cover design: premade, dynamic, and premium. Anyone can browse the gallery of premade covers, and they all give me the impression of cohesion. The $99 pricetag looks worth it. The dynamic and premium levels can get expensive at $199 and $329 respectively. However these are custom covers created by artists who learn about the story, and the price includes a set number of revisions. Since book covers sell books, I’d be more inclined to spend the extra money on one of the custom covers.

Have you done any research on book covers for self-published books? Do you think you’d choose a premade cover or a custom one?

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