Looking Back: Three Years of Grace

July 3rd marked three years since I adopted a six month old, black and brindle puppy. She was Kora then, according to her paperwork, and arrived in Massachusetts from Louisiana by way of Tennessee. She wasn’t the puppy I drove two hours to see. But she wormed her way into my heart and into my life.

None of the names I picked ahead of time worked for her, so I ended up googling dog names on the ride home. She was christened Grace by the end of that car trip.

Getting Grace coincided with a lot of other big things in my life. That means I’m looking back now and thinking Holy crap, there’s no way it’s been that long since X happened. I graduated from college that spring and moved home; it was eleven months since my first dog, Max, passed away; and I struggled to find a job (any job) as a recent college grad.

We’ve had our adventures over the years. Day trips to Plymouth for a walk on the waterfront. A health scare from something she ate and then countless trips back to the vet for heartworm treatment. Walks at the open spaces around town. Inviting her onto my bed in the morning and cuddling until it’s time to get up.  Stolen socks with a fifty-fifty shot of getting them back in one piece.

I decided to compile a few of my favorite pictures of her from the past couple years to mark the occasion. She’s my sweet little nugget, and she puts a smile on my face every time I see her wagging tail.

Adopting Grace

July 3rd, 2012: Walking Grace for the first time.

Grace in the snow

My little snow dog

Grace staring out the door

Little Miss prefers being inside to out on rainy days

Grace on placemat

All curled up


Blanket Thief

Grace makes a beeline for any and all blankets that fall on the floor. Even if someone is still using it.



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