Book Review: Signal Boost by Alyssa Cole

John might be thankful that he and his family are alive in the world after technology stopped working. But he’s started to go stir crazy in the cabin where they all live. Then he tackles a handsome blond raiding their garden. Mykhail is on his way to a nearby university, and he thinks he knows what caused technology blackout. It’s more than curiosity that makes John volunteer to go with him; he’s smitten with the blonde. And he’s pretty sure the feeling is mutual. The closer they get to the university campus, the closer they become. But will a deadly secret tear them apart before they even reach their destination?

I read Signal Boost in a day since it’s less than two hundred pages. To be honest, it wasn’t all that memorable. More of a run of the mill, fluffy romance story. Not bad. Just not great.

While all of the characters seemed to sense the sparks flying between John and Mykhail, I just didn’t see them. The blame for that could be that John narrated the story in the first person. Romance novels are traditionally told in the third person, and the point of view swaps between the two love interests. It gives the reader a look inside both of their heads, letting him or her know how the characters feel about each other.

That didn’t happen in Signal Boost. Which hurt the story because Mykhail came off as sullen and moody, and the reader never got the chance to see how he felt about John. His backstory would have been so much more powerful had the reader gotten a glimpse inside his head.

On the plus side, I liked the diversity among the cast. This is the first romance novel I remember reading where neither of the leads were white Americans/British. John’s family is Korean while Mykhail is Ukrainian.

The Alyssa Cole put a whole lot of effort into the setting, researching how the loss of electricity might look in our world. Those little details made the difference. While Signal Boost is the second book in a series (and I’m sure there was a whole lot more world building in the first), it still did a great job establishing the environment.

Signal Boost would make a great read for anyone looking for a short, post-apocalyptic romance.


Single Boost by Alyssa Cole is published by Carina Press and is available as an eBook.

**I received an advanced copy of this book from in return for an honest, unbiased review.

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