The Things I’ve Found (While Cleaning the Attic)

Over the past couple of weekends, I’ve been helping my parents to get ready for a yard sale. That’s meant hauling cardboard and RubberMaid boxes down ladders before rifling through things packed away for at least a decade. The result was a whole lot of strolling down memory lane.

I threw things into the trash, the pile to donate, and the teetering stack of stuff for the yard sale. Then there was an even smaller group of boxes full of the old things I decided to keep. Books, figurines, and other odds and ends that I haven’t seen in years.

Here are a few of the cool things I found in my cleaning adventures.

  • Music Boxes: Apparently little Sarah really liked Beauty and the Beast just as much as Sarah of today does, and she owned a pair of Belle music boxes. They’ve already been safely packed away for me to take with me when I move.
  • Ceramic Disney 3D Plates: Fortunately my mom stepped in when I went to send this box into the yard sale pile. Six or seven 3D plates now sit in a box next to the music boxes. I can’t get over how pretty they are, especially the Pocahontas ones.


    Not my stuff. They’ve already been packed away.

  • Toy Figurines: These figurines are going to find homes on my desk. I may have been more than slightly obsessed with Star Wars Episode I, though how could I say no to that adorable Pikachu?

    photo 4

    Could you guess that Padme was my favorite character?

  • Books: I managed to downsize my book collection from fifteen books to four. Those I kept included the Thoroughbred series, a strange Star Trek book, and one I made in elementary school. Wherever I end up moving permanently is going to need a library.


    I’m kind of curious to read the “Star Trek” book

  • Rurouni Kenshin manga: My early teenage years were partially spent with my nose between pages of manga. The one series that I managed to collect in its entirety was Rurouni Kenshin. I have a special relationship with this story because watching the anime based on the series got me into the genre.

    photo (10)

    Re-reading these now. Pretty much as good as I remember them.

Have you gone through any of your old stuff? What’s some of the coolest stuff that you’ve found?

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