Spring has Sprung and the Puppies are Clean!

Over the past few months, Grace and Sampson have begun to stink. They developed that entirely unique smell of dog, and the last week of spending most of the day out in their kennel has turned their coats grimy. So Saturday’s warm weather gave me the first chance this year to bathe the stinky pups.

My setup consists of a leash tied to the bathtub bar and a large, eight cup measuring cup filled from the sink. I also keep a towel on hand for each dog to minimize how much the shake onto the walls. Then they head outside to air dry in the kennel. Bathing Sam takes about fifteen minutes, and Grace takes about five.

Sampson and Grace getting their baths

Sampson and Grace getting their baths

Despite whining the whole time, Sam tolerated being scrubbed and rinsed. He emerged looking a whole lot fluffier than when he started.

Grace did her best to look pitiful and stared forlornly at the open door behind me. Her shivering did make me rush through the process. Unlike Sam, her fur stuck even closer to her body making her look just a little smaller than normal by the time I finished.

They both spent the day in the kennel and have been out there during the day every day since. So the “clean dog smell” has faded a bit. But they still don’t stink nearly as much as they did.

Is it spring where you are? Have you done anything now that you can’t do during the winter?

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