The Continuing Trials of Lady Grace

Lady Grace enjoying the sun.

Lady Grace has done it again.

She’s had a bit of urinary incontinence over the past month. In the evening, I either had to take her outside every two hours or risk her having an accident on a dog bed. That wasn’t always enough, though. It seemed like there was always a bed, whether hers or her brother’s, in the laundry.

The breaking point came when Grace had an accident only an hour after going outside. I called up the veterinary hospital and made an appointment for the next day. Part of me laughed when I listened to the person on the other end of the line tell me to make sure Grace had a full bladder when she came in. The full bladder wasn’t the problem. Not letting her have an accident in the waiting room or the exam room would be the challenge.

But it turned out that Grace could hold it in the waiting room and then in the exam room while I talked with the vet tech. She made friends with the tech and practically jumped for joy when she recognized the vet.

A urine test and a couple hundred dollars later, the vet gave me a call with the answer: plain old urinary incontinence. It can happen in otherwise healthy spayed females dogs. The treatment plan is to put Grace on a tablet called Proin for the rest of her life. She’ll get one at breakfast and dinner.

I’m grateful that it’s nothing more serious than that. I can live with spending a few bucks a month on a tablet, especially considering how lucky this dog has been so far in her life. I’ve already been online checking prices and seeing if I can get a three month supply rather than having to go to the vet once a month.

As for Grace, she’s still picking on her brother and napping in sunny spots on the kitchen floor. Plus she gets a “treat” in her food now. That’s about all it takes to make her happy.

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