Listening to the Ditch Diggers

I discovered the Ditch Diggers podcast a few weeks ago, and it’s become one of my go-to background noises when I write. Authors Mur Lafferty and Matt Wallace use Ditch Diggers to talk about the nitty-gritty side of being a writer. They discuss things like the taboo of making money as a writer, their first book sales and advances, and the general ups and downs of writing for a living. It’s very much NSFW.

Listening to the Ditch Diggers, they’ve helped me to scale back my expectations. Like scale them way, way back. I knew that writers don’t make much money; only a few hit the writer lottery. They catapult to the top of the charts with bestsellers and multi-million dollar movies based on their books. That’s not normal.

The Ditch Diggers also weighed-in on the dust up that occurred a few months ago over YA author Stacy Jay’s Kickstarter. That discussion, especially Matt’s commentary, showed me a darker side to writing. Writers face the possibility of harassment. Those odds go up when that writer is anyone but a straight, white man. People get bullied and harassed to the point where they stop writing.

This podcast showed me hard facts rather than the generalizations populating a vast number of writing advice articles. Or they focus on the time period leading up to getting an agent. Then they end without touching on the hard facts of daily life and challenges as a full-time writer.

I sincerely recommend checking out the Ditch Diggers Podcast. Mur and Matt have fantastic chemistry, and I’m usually in stitches while listening. Be warned, though, the podcast is very NSFW.

Do you listen to any writing podcasts? Can you recommend any good ones?


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