Book Review: Revels Ending by Vic Kerry

The dead don’t typically walk out of the morgue. But that’s exactly what Ashe sees when the police show him a video of his fiancee’s body doing just that. Pretty soon the life he knew, where he stood poised to help make a major scientific breakthrough, is gone all to hell. With Mardis Gras in full swing and the dead again walking the Earth, Ashe must rely on the help of a student and a priest if he wants any hope of being alive on Ash Wednesday.

This book does a fantastic job of balancing the zombie/horror aspect while also tying in the storytelling style that’s often present in the mystery genre. I think that balance was why I really enjoyed this book. Probably 70% of the time, the narration followed Ashe and the other main characters while the other 30% documented what security cameras around the city saw. I liked that a whole lot because it gave me as a reader insight into things that the main characters didn’t know and put me on edge.

My biggest complaint deals with the characters. Ashe and the others lacked dimension. Yes, they had a layer or two of personality. But it stopped there. Their backstories were pretty much non-existent (apart from pieces of Ashe’s), and they didn’t have any problems to deal with apart from things that directly impacted the main plot. The story focused so much on that zombie plot that it neglected to make the characters rounded human beings.

That’s not to say the story suffered all that much. The lack of anything outside the main plot did help it to cruise along at a quick clip. But the novel is less than 250 page. I would’ve been very okay if the author added length in order to develop the characters.

Revel’s Ending would be a great read for anyone looking to pick up a fast-paced zombie novel infused with elements of mystery.


Revel’s Ending by Vic Kerry will be published by Samhain Publishing on May 5, 2015.

**I received an advanced copy of this book from in return for an honest, unbiased review.

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