Nine feelings after three weeks of snow

1. Excitement: Oh boy, snow! This is going to be so much fun. I’m going to run the dogs in the backyard, they’re going to have a blast, and all the snow will wear them out in half the time it normally takes. Plus the snow looks so pretty when it coats the tree branches.

2. Annoyance: The driveway needs to be snow-blowed, again. Didn’t I just do this a couple of hours ago? And honestly, I don’t understand why I have to do the driveway when the plow trucks haven’t even been through the neighborhood yet. They better not plow-in the driveway just after I finish it.

3. Anger: Stupid snow-blower, getting caught on every granule of ice stuck to the driveway. And lifting the back up so it “scoots along” isn’t freaking working. I hate this thing. Why don’t we have a plow for the tractor?

4. Promises: Dad keeps joking about how he wants a Camaro if I write a bestselling book. Screw that. He’s getting a real snow-blower that isn’t ten years old and can actually handle more than a foot of snow. Not like this one, which makes you shove the machine back and forth to avoid putting in too much snow.

5. Anger (again): This is ridiculous. I shouldn’t need to be Arnold Schwarzenegger to open the gas cap on this snow-blower. I understand that it needs to be on tight, but what good is it if I can’t open it? There is no way that I’m doing this driveway by hand when we get another foot of snow.

6. Lists: All that I’ve got left to do is clean off my car, move it, cleanup the spot where I dumped all the snow, have my brother move his truck, cleanup that spot, dig out the red car, clean it off, try to move it, get rid of the snow there, move it back, and then I’m done. That’s it. No big deal.

7. Exhaustion: If someone doesn’t like how I did the driveway, too freaking bad. They can just do it themselves next time. The snow on the front step is fine, too. I’m young. And the dogs don’t mind. And so what if we fall. We’ll just land in the snow.

8. Envy: Mom and Dad are on a cruise in the Caribbean. They’re probably enjoying 70 degree days in shorts and t-shirts. I’m going to have to listen to them tell me stories about how they sunned themselves on the deck when they get home Sunday night. That’s if the storm doesn’t keep them in sunny freaking Florida.

9. Day-dreaming: This is the last winter New England winter. The last one. Because next winter, I’m going to be in Charlotte, North Carolina. Even if i have to live in a cardboard box. Anything to not have to deal with this white gunk ever again.

I admit that I might be a bit pessimistic about winter at this point. It probably has something to do with three storms in the past week and more snow in the past month than we’ve had all season. On the bright side, only 33 days until spring!

How do you feel about snow? Have you gotten any this winter?

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