NaNoWriMo Update #3

Wait, there is only a week left of NaNoWriMo? This month has absolutely flown by so far, and I’m not quite sure how I feel about this new project that I’ve embarked upon over the past few weeks. I plan on finishing it in December, and it’s going to need serious revisions to bring out a cohesive story line.

How many words did you write this week? 9,925
What’s your biggest accomplishment this week? I wrote 3,100 words last Saturday, the most I’ve written in a single sitting so far this month.
Do you have a favorite scene so far?  I’m not sure. I can’t exactly remember what I wrote this past week, but I did have a “eureka” moment when it comes to foreshadowing.
Do you have a scene that didn’t quite meet your expectations? This entire section feels like it’s less than stellar so far. The main character is pretty whiny/bratty, and it’s not how I want her to come off right now.
Are you sticking to your outline? Umm, the outline is currently MIA. I have it, so it’s just a case of finding it under a mountain of paper and legal pads. I don’t remember what’s supposed to happen in the middle of the chapter, but I think I’m on track to get the ending I want.
What’s your writing routine? Write or Die is my savior. Writing has been very sporadic this week.
Have you been keeping up with other writing commitments? Yes and no. I need to power through those this week.
Total NaNoWriMo Word Count So Far: 34,361
Words to Goal: 15,639
Days Remaining: 9

Are you meeting your word count goals? Have you hit the mid-month slump?

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