Grace’s Love Affair with Snow

Grace Winter Coat Collage

L. Grace’s first time in the snow. R. Top, Taking a flying leap into the snowbank R. Bottom, Helping clear the driveway

Grace has a love/hate relationship with winter.

She prances the moment that her paws touch snow, and it takes every ounce of self-control she possess in her little body not to take off at a sprint. She bounds through the white fluff, sending puffs of snow into the air. Her nose buries itself deep in the new powder as she chows down on it.

Afterwards, I’m often hurrying a towel over her wet fur before she bolts for the carpeted living room and gets everything soaked.

But Grace also hates winter. Because of all the ice under her feet and all the snow that she eats, she starts shivering within minutes of heading outside. Not that it stops her from diving into the snowbanks. Her spindly legs and muscular body just tremble the whole time. That she struggles to grow any sort of a winter coat adds to her frustration.

So Grace has amassed a small collection of winter coats over the past few years. They’re not her favorite things in the world, and she tries to shake them off every chance that she gets. But they keep her warmer and minimize the amount of fur that gets wet.

I’ve been doing everything I can to encourage her winter fur to grow. I put her out in the kennel for the majority of the day when it’s sunny out and even left her outside for an hour or so after dark (with a light on, of course). My hope is that it’s simply too early in the season for her to grow much of one. Also that her tendency to spend the day curled up in Sampson’s straw-filled dog house won’t hinder growth.

How does your dog feel about winter? Is he out barreling through the snow or would he rather curl up by the fire?

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