Monthly Monday Update: October

What I’m Writing

I didn’t spend any time planning a brand new novel for NaNoWriMo, didn’t really touch the story from Camp NaNo back in April, and procrastinated until the very last minute on all of my freelance projects. Vacation brain/Disney World withdrawal might be partially to blame.

I decided a few days ago that the story I outlined with the purpose of being a serial here on the blog was going to be much too long for that. So that story, which I’ve taken to referring to as the “Blood Tithe” Project, will be part of my NaNo this year. The reason that I say part is because I’m going to take advantage of the “must write everyday” in order to finish the Camp NaNo novel. It’s only a few thousand words away from the first draft being complete, so I want to get it done.

What I’m Reading

Reading Now: Nothing at the moment

Reading NextThe Ripper’s Wife by Brandy Purdy and Three Little Words by Maggie Wells

In Other News…

It’s National Novel Writing Month! Are you working on a novel this month or do you have another project that you’re giving extra special attention to?

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