Wait, there are only 13 days until NaNoWriMo 2014?

NaNoWriMo LogoThere are thirteen days (312 hours) until November 1st and NaNoWriMo begins. Have I been prepping like a good WriMo? Did I wrap up my April Camp NaNo novel a while ago so that I can focus on a new one? Do I have a nice, neat daily schedule planned out so that I can get NaNo done along with my freelance work?

Of course not.

I’ve turned into the Queen of Procrastination over the past few months while also getting out of the habit of sitting down to work on my novel. So all of that translates to several close calls on freelance deadlines while the novel remains untouched for a week or more. I know that I need to make a serious effort to change that habit if I want any hope of making any progress on a NaNo attempt.

That’s why I’m going to use this opportunity to create a daily schedule for weekdays and weekends that (in theory) will give me plenty of time to get everything done.

Here’s the schedule I just created. I’ll start following it on Monday. This is the schedule I’ll be following on those days when I don’t have work that requires my attention all day.


8:00 AM: Getup, shower, take care of dogs.
9:00 AM: NaNo Novel
10:00 AM: Blog Posts
11:00 AM :Free Time
11:30 AM: Dog Training Business
2:00 PM: Free Time
2:30 PM: Freelance Projects
4:00 PM: Novel Writing
5:00 PM: Free Time
5:30 PM: Optional Freelance Projects
7:00 PM: NaNo Novel
8:00 PM: Read

9:00 AM: Get up, shower, take care of dogs
10:00 AM: NaNo Novel
11:00 AM: Novel Writing
12:30 PM: Free Time
1:00 PM: Optional Freelance Projects
2:30 PM: Dog Training Business
4:00 PM: Read

I think that it’s important to include free time in moderation, at least for me. I’m just going to be really strict about getting back to work once those times are over. I also put in “Optional Freelance Projects” in case I have an assignment that needs extra time to get done or if I have to cover a town meeting in the evening. If I’ve completed everything that I need to get done, then I can move everything else forward and finish everything early.

Have you created a schedule for November?

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