Puppy Profile: Grace

Name: GraceGrace Polaroid
Full Name: Lady Grace of Louisiana
Birthday: December 27, 2011
Age: 2 years, 9 months
From: Louisiana originally, adopted from a shelter
Breed: Lab Mixed with Pit Bull, Australian Shepherd, and Others
Fur Color: Black and Brindle
Favorite Toy: A Kong Wubba. It looks like an octopus with a squeaker in the head
Favorite Food: Anything and everything edible. She never says no to food.
Favorite Activity: Sleep or Eat
Biggest Fear: Anything falling on her head. She gets very nervous when anything moves above her. Balloons tend to be her biggest enemy.
Talents: She knows “Paw” and “Bang”
Personality: Grace is a spunky shelter dog who goes looking for trouble given the opportunity. She’ll do just about anything for food and looking for it has gotten her into a tight spot once or twice. She’s very willing to please, enjoys doing obedience work, and thinks jumping over obstacles is a whole lot of fun. That said, she does have a bit of a stubborn streak. But she loves hogging all of the attention, especially when her brother is around.

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