Five authors that I follow on Twitter

twitter-logoTo be fair, I follow more than five authors on Twitter. But these five are perhaps the most prolific when it comes to tweets and oftentimes the most entertaining. They’re also really good about interacting with readers. So check them out!

1. Ashi Labouisse (@AshiLabouisse)
Ashi’s tweets might seem like normal quotes or sayings that could be floating around Twitter elsewhere. But her sarcastic commentary makes the tweets so much more interesting. I can always count on her posts to make me smile whenever I see them.

2. Maureen Johnson (@maureenjohnson)
Maureen Johnson, or Auntie MJ as she often calls herself, posts pretty regularly, and her tweets shouldn’t be missed. She discusses the antics of her puppy (Zelda), the importance of feminism in publishing and the world, and oftentimes it’s just pure randomness.

3. Sarah Dessen (@sarahdessen)
Sarah’s Twitter is different from the first two authors on this list because her tweets tend to focus on her daily life. She gives her readers and everyone else a glimpse into the everyday lives of writers.

4. Laurell K. Hamilton (@LKHamilton)
Laurell tweets pretty regularly during the day, and she interacts with her followers and fans on a regular basis. She’s not shy about voicing her opinions on a variety of topics or to call out other Twitter users on behavior.

5. Patricia Cornwell (@1pcornwell)
While Patricia Cornwell doesn’t tweet nearly as much as the other authors on this list, but I enjoy seeing her tweets. A lot of her research for her books shows up on Twitter. Pictures of her flying a helicopter and scuba diving appear, and she talks about visits to Quantico on research.

Are you on Twitter? Which authors do you follow?

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