What I’m Doing Monday: Disappearing Act

I’ve done a bit of a disappearing act of late. Not only have I been neglecting this blog, but I haven’t kept up with my reading or my writing. Freelance projects have taken precedence, and starting up my business has eaten up a lot of my waking hours. During all of that, those things got pushed back. Time management has never been my strong suit.

So what have I been doing these past few weeks? That’s an excellent question. I’ve read a number of books for TypeOneTwo.org. Check out the reviews if you’re interested.

Book Review: The Crowfield Curse

Book Review: Jacob Smith is Incredibly Average

Book Review: The Museum of Intangible Things

I also did what I’m hoping is a final edit on a freelance project that I’ve been working on for several months. This project is for a company that may have more work like this project in the future, so I’m crossing my fingers that my work is well-received.

More recently, I’ve started a trial period with a website that publishes informational articles. It’s an exciting opportunity. Here’s to hoping that the trial goes well. I’d love to write articles regularly for this organization. I’ll definitely keep you all updated on how that goes.

Reading and reviewing books for this blog has been pretty slow going. I started the current book, Cop Town by Karin Slaughter, at the end of May. I still have about a hundred pages to go. I need to just sit down and finish it. That may be a project for this week.

And since July is fast approaching, so is the second Camp NaNoWriMo of the year. I’m going to continue the story from Camp in April with the same goal of a thousand words a day. I’m debating whether or not I want to create a novel on the website.

That’s pretty much my update. How have you all been? Are you doing Camp NaNo this time around? Let me know.


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