I am easily distracted.

On a typical day I sit down at my desk and open up the Microsoft Word document for my latest story. I survey the last paragraphs I wrote, type a new sentence, and then I promptly open Facebook.

Even after writing that last sentence, I stopped for a moment to watch the Youtube video playing in my other window and pondered whether or not I could figure out how to watch Frozen while writing.

See? The attention span of a goldfish.

I usually resist the urge to shut off the internet using the Nuclear option on the Stay Focusd website that comes with Google Chrome. It’s a great program, and I love that it almost completely locks me out of the internet. I usually don’t go around it because that takes an extra step that I’m often too lazy to take.

I balk at turning off the internet because I like being able to escape from actually writing. I put it off so much that I often forget that the challenge of sitting down to write quickly becomes so much fun when I stick with it and don’t let myself get distracted.

I love the feeling of ideas flowing so fast that my fingers–and the computer–have a hard time keeping pace. I love not wanting to halt the momentum by stopping even though the clock is telling me that I missed my bedtime. I love living in my main character’s head for a little while. There’s nothing like it.

So I have to keep reminding myself about that feeling until writing for an hour every night becomes a habit. I have to shut off the internet as soon as I come on the computer so I can get my writing done. Because knowing that I’m one day and a thousand words closer to finishing this novel when I do.

Do you procrastinate when you’re supposed to be writing? Is the internet involved and how to do you combat it?

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