The Liebster Blog Award

I’m excited and extremely honored to say that I’ve been nominated for the Liebster Blog Award by the wonderful Olivia Berrier over at Often Clueless, Always Shoeless. Thank you so much, Olivia!


So for 11 random facts about myself:

  1. I read most of the original Sherlock Holmes short stories by the time I was twelve.
  2. I rode horses when I was a teenager.
  3. One of my goals for 2016 is to visit Australia.
  4. My first car was a 1990 Buick Regal.
  5. I’ve been listening to the Shrek the Musical soundtrack on repeat for the past few weeks.
  6. Despite living so close, I’ve never been to Salem, Massachusetts.
  7. One of my feet is bigger than the other, making shoe shopping quite frustrating.
  8. I’m going to be running a 5k at Walt Disney World in October.
  9. With any luck, I’ll be getting a third dog in the next year or so.
  10. In college, I loved spending time with microfilm in the library basement.
  11. I have a hard time refusing chocolate covered raisins, especially when they’re from Trader Joe’s.

And here are my answers to Olivia’s questions:

  1. What is your best tip for Writers Block?
    If I’m struggling with Writer’s block, I make something bad happen to my main character. I think of what’s the worst thing that could happen at that particular moment, and then I make it happen. Trying to get him/her out of that situation gets my creative juices flowing.
  2. Pick a random word from the dictionary. What does it mean to you?
    Pigeon: a bird commonly found in cities and is occasionally used to carry messages.
  3. What are you most likely to plant in a garden?
    Probably strawberries or blueberries. Their difficult to grow but very tasty.
  4. If you could live in the fictional world from any book, where would you go?
    Despite the problems of living in Victorian England, I’d love to to live in the world of Sherlock Holmes.
  5. What do you do to get yourself into ‘writing mode’?
    I sit at the computer and just start typing. Sometimes, I struggle through five or six hundred words before I start picking up steam. Other times I’m able to get going right out of the gate.
  6. What is the closest green object to you right now?
    A travel mug with “I ❤ Labradors” and dogs on it.
  7. What is a skill you’ve always wanted to learn?
    To drive a manual transmission car.
  8. What office supply could you absolutely not function without?
    Legal pads. I love being able to tear off pages.
  9. What is your favorite activity that does not require any kind of technology whatsoever? And just to make it interesting, let’s exclude reading or writing.
    Dog training.
  10. What fictional character (either your own, or someone else’s) would you most like to accompany you while doing the above activity?
    Jack Reacher because despite his drifter lifestyle and personality, I think he’d be patient and strict enough to accomplish a lot with the dogs.
  11. If you wrote a story about you, your fictional friend, and this designated activity, what would
    you title it?
    K-9 Fire

Now comes the nominations, and I’m afraid that I have to admit that I’m a bad blogger when it comes to reading other blogs. I know that I don’t read more than a handful, certainly nowhere near close to eleven. Most of the time I just browse the articles on Freshly Pressed. So I’m going to nominate the following blogs and also nominate my readers for this award.

Check out these awesome blogs:

“Yeah. But So What? Everybody’s Weird”

More Than One Page

And now for the questions to answer if you so choose:

  1. What book has most inspired your writing?
  2. How do you arrange the books on your bookshelf?
  3. Do you have a writing playlist?
  4. Which holidays are your least favorite?
  5. Do you use outlines while writing?
  6. What would your ideal writing desk look like?
  7. If you could have a superpower, what would it be? Why?
  8. Do you have a theme song?
  9. How do you come up with titles for your work?
  10. Have you picked out the actors who would play your characters in a movie version of your book?
  11. Which is better, the book or the movie?

5 thoughts on “The Liebster Blog Award

  1. Sprinkled With Words says:

    Wait, so you’re nominating your readers for this? ;D

    And you do dog training?! I’d love to do that, but I don’t think neither I, nor my dog, would have enough patience…either that, or she’d eat me first. O_O


    • sestone519 says:

      I am nominating my readers! So considered yourself nominated. 🙂

      I do work as a dog trainer and am starting my own business. It’s a lot of work adn takes a ton of patience, but I love doing it.


      • sestone519 says:

        While obedience training like sit, down, heel, etc. is my primary focus, I can also train dogs for dog sports (like agility) where they go over jumps or through tunnels. It’s pretty easy to do if you have the patience. 🙂


      • Sprinkled With Words says:

        Oh, cool! I tried to train my dog, Skye, to do that – she jumps alright, but doesn’t like to do it on her own! She gets bored quickly, too, and I try to keep her interested, but it’s hard; she just gets so distracted.
        It’s funny watching my next door neighbour jump her dog, too – he’s a really pudgy Basset Hound!


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