Camp NaNoWriMo: T-minus 2 days

Day 24: Get me interested!

Exercise: Write the teaser summary of your story that you would want on the inside jacket of your book. Make sure to peak interest while not giving away too much.

My name is Ophelia Lawrence. You can call me Lia. For all you know, I’m a normal seventeen year old enrolled in the student worker program here in Wyne. I have friends that I love, a mentor I tolerate, and the cutest puppy in the city. The resistance taught me well.

Right now, I wish I wasn’t so good at being anonymous. Because the Warriors of Rizer have made me one of their soldiers, and I am at the beck and call of a parasite implanted at the base of my skull. It can dictate my speech. It can make me sabotage my new life. But it can’t control my thoughts or my heart. I just hope that’s enough to stop what’s coming.

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