Camp NaNoWriMo: T-minus 7 days

Day 19: Technology

Exercise: Think about the technology present in your novel’s world. What kind of technology exists? And how much of it is available to your characters? How does it impact transportation, communication, defense, medicine, etc.? Is there any technology that has disappeared?


  • Within the city, there are a few motorized taxis operated by a single company that are available to anyone with the moderate cost. The city is working in order to make the subway system operational again. Otherwise, citizens either walk to their destination or utilize bicycles/bicycle taxis.
  • Outside of the city, transportation is spotty at best. A handful of bus companies operate short lines to local villages. Train service is irregular due to routine sabotage of the train tracks. Trains are often subject to being attacked.


  • Typewriters
  • Letters–Must hire a messenger to deliver outside of the city while there is a postal system inside the city.
  • PA Systems


  • Automatic and traditional guns
  • Basic audio and fuzzy video during surveillance.
  • Bulletproofing has been sett back to infancy with only a handful of old vests available.


  • X-rays, ultrasounds, and CAT Scans exist, but they are only operational in one hospital in the city. The majority of doctors have never used them.
  • The medical blood/chemical tests that can be performed are severely limited.
  • The parasite device

No longer exists:

  • Cell phones, personal computers, internet

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