Camp NaNoWriMo: T-minus 9 days

Day 17: Truth, Lies, and Bizarre Secondary Characters

Exercise: (Found here) Write ten factual statements about your secondary character, ten lies, and ten bizarre facts.


  1. Aimee reads a book a week.
  2. She is an only child.
  3. Aimee’s parents routinely travel for months on end as employees for a humanitarian organization.
  4. Aimee has participated in humanitarian efforts for more than a dozen natural and man-made disasters.
  5. She learned to play the harp when she was six.
  6. She is qualified as an emergency medical technician.
  7. She is afraid of spiders.
  8. She has never broken a bone.
  9. She enjoys karaoke even though she’s not a very good singer.
  10. She has trouble walking in high heels.


  1. Aimee speaks three languages.
  2. She has never seen snow.
  3. She spent three days without food one summer while stranded on a humanitarian mission.
  4. She is allergic to flowers.
  5. She doesn’t get along with her parents.
  6. She is very picky about what she eats.
  7. She once organized a protest of the sitting government.
  8. She really enjoys whitewater rafting.
  9. She is afraid of heights.
  10. She doesn’t have a huge extended family.


  1. Aimee often has a series of dreams that seem to be connected.
  2. She can cook almost anything without an recipe.
  3. She wears a pitted opal on a string of twine around her neck.
  4. She has never played in a rain puddle.
  5. She takes great pleasure in jumping off buildings and onto airbags.
  6. She grew up with pet pigs that her uncle had trained to hunt truffles.
  7. She has trouble using technology beyond phones.
  8. She can troubleshoot a diesel engine.
  9. She can make shoes from scratch.
  10. She sleeps best when heavy metal music is playing in the background.

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