Camp NaNoWriMo: T-minus 8 days

Day 18: Guilty Pleasure–Secondary Character

The other day I realized that my math is off with these posts. I write them a day ahead, and it never clicked that the final post would go up on April 1st if I continued on. Since I want the last post on March 31st, today will have two posts so I can catch up.

Exercise: Pick a secondary character. What is their guilty pleasure? How do they indulge it? What would they do if their friends found out.

Aimee’s guilty pleasure is eating peanut butter out of a jar. She visits the market every week and spends a large portion of her pocket money on three jars of peanut butter a week. While she only goes through two jars per week, she is also building up a small supply of them in case there is another shortage. If her friends found out, she would admit that she ate peanut butter out of the jars but she’d minimize the number of jars that she had tucked away.

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