Camp NaNoWriMo: T-minus 11 days

Day 15: Truth, Lies, and the Bizarre Secondary Characters

A few days ago, I did this exercise for my main character. I haven’t done much for my secondary characters, so I’m going to spend the next few days developing them.

In this exercise, I’m going to be listing ten factual statements, ten lies, and ten bizarre facts about the character.


  1. Michael practically grew up in the city government buildings because his parents are two high-ranking city officials.
  2. He has never been more than twenty-five years from the city.
  3. He’s afraid of bats.
  4. He is the only one in his family who knows how to drive a car.
  5. He broke his leg in a car accident just after her started driving.
  6. He prefers honey in his morning oatmeal.
  7. He is a night-owl.
  8. He cheated on a test in middle school and the fear of being caught set him straight for the rest of his education.
  9. He dislikes the taste of oranges.
  10. He is the oldest of two children.


  1. Michael is terrified of heights.
  2. He has problems with authority.
  3. He knows how to change a tire.
  4. He once broke into his own house.
  5. He learned how to swim after jumping off a bridge.
  6. He opted out of a firearms course recommended for those interested in the military.
  7. He routinely visits a butterfly sanctuary.
  8. He is a terrible older brother.
  9. He never stood up to bullies when he was in elementary school.
  10. He is allergic to cats.


  1. Michael once worked as a master of ceremonies for a wedding reception.
  2. He spent a couple of summers working at his grandfather’s winery.
  3. He learned to yodel on a dare.
  4. He drinks tea and buys it from the gypsies at the market.
  5. He can make cornbread from scratch.
  6. He lost a bet to his sister and participated in a fashion show.
  7. He can’t sleep without reading a passage of Midsummer Night’s Dream before bed.
  8. His favorite hobby is metal detecting for artifacts from the pre-collapse USA.
  9. He collects old lug-nuts.
  10. He makes all of his own neckties.

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