Camp NaNoWriMo: T-minus 12 days

Day 14: Rules of the Fantastic Element

I have a bad habit of coming up with fantastic elements and then not getting down a clear idea of the rules for the element before I start writing. That leads to a lot of making up contradictory things as I go along. Since the fantastic element–the parasite–is such a major part of the story, I should probably have a pretty darn good idea of how it works. Today’s exercise is going to be doing just that.

Exercise: Outline the rules of the fantastic element. Who controls it? Where does it originate? What does it do? When does it work? What happens if it’s removed (from the world/person/etc.)? What are its weaknesses? Write out any and all rules that could potentially limit or strengthen the element.

  • The bad guys control the parasites
  • The parasite is implanted in the spine at the base of the recipient’s skull
  • The parasite releases a chemical that allows it to program the recipient’s actions and speech
  • The chemical that allows the control of actions and major speech can only be released by a remote trigger/control
  • The chemical that restricts the recipient from speaking about the parasite is less potent but released in a slow, constant stream from the parasite
  • When the remote chemical isn’t activated, the recipient is able to go about their daily life as they would otherwise except for being unable to discuss the parasite
  • The parasite is located at such a point on the recipient’s spine that removal without paralyzing the recipient can only be done by a very skilled surgeon
  • The chemical which controls actions and major speech can be depleted after twenty uses and more of the chemical must be injected directly into the parasite.
  • The parasite can run out of either chemical and the recipient will return to normal


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