Camp NaNoWriMo: T-minus 15 days

Day 11: Who are you around me?

Here’s another exercise inspired by this website.

Exercise: In which ways would your character behave differently when interacting with the following people in her life?

Mother: Lia occasionally gives her mother a hard time when she’s supposed to be doing chores. However, her mother is the first person that Lia will go to when she has a problem and needs advice. They’ve become more distant as Lia stepped up her involvement in the resistance.

Father: Their relationship was very close originally. He taught her how to cook, survival skills for camping, and gardening. She would spend time discussing the news with him every night at the table after dinner. He suspects that she has begun working with the resistance and heartily objects. She disagrees with his position.

Siblings: She is closer to her older sister than her younger sister. She tends to hide the arguments that they all get into from their parents. When push comes to shove, she will defend her sisters no matter what state their relationship is at that point. She’s less likely to censor herself around her sisters.

Friend: She is careful about the friends that she chooses due to her work with the resistance. Therefore, she has trouble trusting people enough to let them be friends. Once she becomes close to her friends, she doesn’t hide anything from them. She may get into arguments, but she thinks of her friends like siblings.

Neighbor: She is polite but friendly to her neighbors. She doesn’t share much of importance with them.

Crush: She is polite, attentive, and tries to be around when he’s out ant about. She tries not to fawn over him or get tongue tied, but it does happen when she’s alone with him. She has an internal battle over whether or not she can trust him.

Police/Security Officer: Due to the role police/security officers played in the overrunning of her hometown by the bad guys, she’s skeptical of their loyalties. She used to trust them completely. Now while she doesn’t question or outright oppose them, she is very careful about what she says/does in front of them.

Waitress/Waiter: She’s always polite and goes out of her way to be the kind of customer she’d want. She vividly remembers the difficult clients from when she worked as a fortune teller.

Government Official: She treats them as they treat her. If they give her respect, she will give it back. Likewise if they don’t respect her. She goes into every situation with the intention of being polite.

Doctor: She is completely honest with doctors in regard to the physical issues but she only tells them the bare necessities of background information.

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