Camp NaNoWriMo: T-minus 19 days

Day 7: Adding Subplots

Step 1: Who are your novel’s most important secondary characters?

Aimee Matthews, Michael Beauregard

Step 2: What is the main problem, conflict, or goal faced by each of these characters?

Aimee Matthews: To be accepted into the public health program at the city’s university so that she can follow her dream of helping people

Michael Beauregard: To compete for and be accepted into an internship program within the government and work with top law enforcement officials

Step 3: For each, what are three main steps leading to the solution to that problem, the resolution of that conflict, or the attainment of that goal? Another way to ask that is, what are three actions, events, or developments–with respect to those secondary characters–that you could not possibly leave out?

Aimee: Must convince her adviser to write a letter of recommendation, prepare for and have an interview with the admission counselor, and obsessively check her mailbox for a letter from the school

Michael: Must complete an obstacle course under a certain time, have an interview with the top brass, and complete a written tests on typical law enforcement interactions with civilians


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