Camp NaNoWriMo: T-minus 20 days

Day 6: Character List

This exercise isn’t from Writing the Breakout Novel Workbook, but I thought it was a good idea to have a basic list of the characters and their descriptions along with their roles in the novel. It’ll be helpful not to be making characters up on the fly. Plus now I can do quite a few more exercises in the workbook.

Name Age Description Personality Role
Ophelia Lawrence 17 5’5”, light brown hair with red highlights, gray eyes, athletic though hides body beneath baggy clothes

*I’ve always done what I could to remain anonymous. Baggy clothes to hide the muscles from hours training with the resistance. Maple colored hair left long enough to be tied back but short enough to be demure. Gray eyes hidden behind dark sunglasses whenever possible. Eyes down when it wasn’t.

Dominant personality that sometimes means she overrules others when she should be listening. Cares for family and friends. Stands up for anyone she perceives to be outmatched in a fight. Protagonist
Juliet “Jules” Lawrence 12 5’0”, light brown hair with blonde highlights, hazel eyes, skinny but long body

*Jules’s forearms and ankles always stuck out from the ends of her sleeves and pants, practically the day after mom brought the clothes home. Otherwise, the clothes hung off her scrawny frame. She threw a fit whenever Hero suggested that she cut the thick hair that reached her tailbone. Only mom was allowed to touch her hair and only then to weave it into a ropelike braid.

Petulant personality, always arguing when she doesn’t get her way. Has been sheltered from the Predators and the violence surrounding their invasion. Bold until someone outside the family stands up to her. Cares about her family and shows it through doing small chores when she’s not asked. Secondary character, Lia’s sister, raises the stakes when Lia’s threatened not to step out of line.
Hero Lawrence 21 5’6”, platinum blonde hair, hazel eyes, athletic, “top heavy”, scar on the back of her right hand

*Hero attracted a lot more attention from guys than she ever wanted. Sure she used it to her advantage. A flip of her dyed blonde hair and a bat of thick eyelashes got her almost anything she wanted. A low cut shirt got her twice that. But all of that posed a problem when her assignment required being discreet.

Similar to Lia’s personality: dominant but has learned when to listen to those with more experience. Dedicated to her family more than the resistance. Believes the resistance is necessary for her family to be happy, however. Cares about her friends. Would like the freedom to make decisions about her life. Secondary character, Lia’s sister, rescues Lia from jail in Wyne and explains the resistance mole that’s inside the Predators in Wyne
Aimee Matthews 17 5’9”, curly brown hair, skin that always looks tanned, green eyes, mother was African American descent and father was Anglo Saxon

*Aimee Matthews looked exactly how I pictured a worldly person. She had tightly wound hair that she knotted into a bun, skin that always looked tanned brown, and eyes as green as summer grass. But she never looked down on anyone, at least figuratively. She regarded even the most teetering child that stopped her during the garden detail with the same care as counseling an older teen about a romantic squabble.

Strives to find ways to make others happy or to make them feel good about themselves. Always smiling. Dislikes loud confrontation and works to talk things out with a reasonable tone. Nervous around soldiers though she believes that she could be brave if the situation called for it. Dreams of making a big change on the world Secondary character, becomes Lia’s best friend, believes in Lia even when others dismiss her
Michael Beauregard 18 5’6”, buzzed black hair, dark brown eyes, muscular and strong despite his size

*Michael Beauregard had obviously been part of the landscaping detail from the ease with which he hauled a bucket full of rocks over his shoulder. The way that the sun shone down on him illuminated the specks of white skin beneath his buzzed black hair. His heavy brows scrunched forward to shade his dark eyes from the light.

Understands basics of leadership but no experience dealing with practical issues that comes with managing multiple personalities. Can be blunt or caustic. Impatient. Knows how to motivate others. Stands up for the little guy. Wants to be a soldier. Secondary character, Lia’s crush though he doesn’t seem to return her feelings
Cody Thorpe 17 6’, ear length blonde hair, blue eyes, strong upper body, well dressed in expensive clothes Raised to believe that anyone who took too long to do something or didn’t have the same amount of education was a lesser person. Feels justified in claiming superiority to others. Believes he’s destined to become a leader in the military. Minor antagonist, bully
Jasper Meehan 18 5’9”, shoulder length red hair, green eyes, lanky, runner’s physique, well dressed Similar to Cody Thorpe’s. Sent abroad each summer and served constantly. Has applied to the military. Minor antagonist, bully
Hannah Winston 17 5’11”, brown hair to the small of her back, brown eyes, thin and slightly toned, model-like Similar to Cody and Jasper. Aspires to become a doctor. Selective of who she spends time with because she thinks she’s better than everyone else since she’s going to be a doctor. Minor antagonist, bully
Kevin Phillips 16 5’3”, short brown hair, round glasses, brown eyes, muscular, slouches Self-conscious about glasses, low self-confidence. Looks to others for leadership. Wants to continue working in the maintenance section of the government after school. Especially dealing with plants. Minor character, bullied, cousin of Elliot Shaw, works for dissenting portion of government
Victoria Abraham 29      
Yvonne Donaldson 35      
Rebecca Beauregard 42     Secondary character, leader of government, Michael’s mother
Stephen Beauregard 48     Secondary character, leader in government, Michael’s father
Elliot Shaw 25     Secondary character, ropes Lia into unwittingly spreading propaganda for dissenting portion of government, cousin of Kevin Phillips
Percy Chaffin 39     Secondary character, leader of dissenting portion of government
Ida Nickerson 43     Secondary character, leader of dissenting portion of government, veterinarian


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