Camp NaNoWriMo: T-minus 23 days

Day 3: Defining Personal Stakes

Step 1: Write down the name of your protagonist.

Ophelia “Lia” Lawrence

Step 2: What is her main problem, conflict, goal, need, desire, yearning, or whatever is driving her through the story?

Lia’s main problem is that her body is being controlled by a parasite implanted by the bad guys.

Step 3: What could make this problem matter more? Write down as many new reasons as you can think of.

The parasite causes her to carry out acts of sabotage for the bad guys. The parasite begins to control her speech and actions more often and has the ability to control her at will during the daylight hours. She’s not able to mention the parasite or the bad guys to the good guys.

Step 4: When you run out of reasons, ask yourself what could make this problem matter even more than that.

The parasite forces her to cause substantial damage to the city’s resources. The parasite begins to sabotage the friendships that she has carefully created. The parasite doesn’t allow her to leave the city when she wants to return to her hometown. She learns that the bad guys have a mole in the city and can’t tell anyone. She realizes that there are others in the city who don’t realize that they’re being controlled by the parasite.

Step 5: When you run out of steam, ask yourself what could make this problem matter more than life itself?

The bad guys’ mole threatens to hurt/kill her sister if she sabotages the parasite’s work. The good guys realize that she’s a parasite controlled soldier for the bad guys and lock her up, ignoring her warnings about an impending attack. She learns that the only way to definitively stop the parasite from having control over her body is to physically remove it, an action that could potentially leave her paralyzed. The parasite needs to have a serum injected in order to continue working, and a new injection means the parasite is pretty much unstoppable.

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